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Would you Lose a $36 Million Annuity and a $40 Million Discount?
by Robert Fortunato on November 13th, 2014 No Comments

Experts hired by the city of Hermosa Beach proved at the last city council meeting that Hermosa Beach could be the beneficiary of an annuity of $36 million/year and the investment would be discounted by up to $40 million if it got in the race to be one of the first Carbon Neutral cities (a city that harvests as much renewable energy as it uses). Those experts see this as a viable strategy for our city and urged us to take that opportunity while we still can. See the report at:

The experts also agreed that Hermosa has a competitive advantage in being the first Carbon Neutral City. There is a clear and compelling case for Hermosa to be the first CN City and the experts did not even include the economic benefits related to branding, tourism or the health benefits of reduced heart disease, lung disease and cancer. These benefits are significant and will bring investment, revenue and a lower cost structure to our city. Please contact our city council members and let them know we need their leadership on this issue now.

Let me know if you are up for getting this done!



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