Materials & Technology
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Green is the New Black

Materials & Design
GreenPoint Rating, LEED and Energy Star and Living Building Challenge guidelines will ensure that sustainability is built in
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Metering Outputs
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Latest Energy Bill Says it All – Thank You from the Green Idea House

Dear Friends and Partners of the Green Idea House,
As we start to turn our attention to new adventures, we would
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Water is Power

Systems for Reclaiming Water
Approximately 19% of California’s electricity is consumed in getting water to Southern California.
Being mindful of water
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Air Quality
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It’s in the Air

Air Quality
Eliminating wood and gas fireplaces  increases oxygen and reduces pollution.
Formaldehyde free wood and no voc paints, flooring etc.
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Energy & Climate Control
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Knowledge is Power

Even though we are in a temperate climate (zone 6), understanding the climactic conditions is the first step to getting
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Floor Plans & Architecture
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A Passive – Aggressive Move II

Passive Heating & Cooling via Proper Eave Depth
This is the first massing model we created of our house.
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