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Latest Energy Bill Says it All – Thank You from the Green Idea House
by Robert Fortunato on August 4th, 2013 No Comments

Dear Friends and Partners of the Green Idea House,

As we start to turn our attention to new adventures, we would like to sincerely thank all of you for helping to make the impossible, possible.  It has been an incredible 7 year odyssey designing, retrofitting and now living in the Green Idea House.  One of the biggest unexpected benefits of the experience was making so many new friends and connecting with old friends in a different way. 

We wanted to share our latest power bill which definitively proves that we achieved all we set out to do together – and that you can do it too. 

 June bill graphic 1


June bill graphic 2

This electric bill represents the house’s total energy usage over the course of a year.  As you can clearly see, the house easily produced more energy than it consumed and it did it with zero combustion (we capped the gas line at the beginning of construction).  And, as promised, we did it less expensively with standard construction materials and off the shelf technologies.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, there is a complete project description with links.

After completing this initial benchmark, we will start to use our  excess energy in the Mitsubishi electric car we purchased.  We had only used our Eaton electric car charging stations intermittently over the last year so we could separate the house loads from the transportation loads. The excess energy the house generates should be able to fully power our transportation needs.

There are many discoveries we are still making and many things we have not had a chance to fully explain about our adventure.  So we will continue to post on the Green Idea House site and social media.

There is one thing we don’t fully understand and would like your input: Why aren’t more people demanding this kind of performance from their #1 investment and the place they spend the bulk of their time – and how can the Green Idea House be of service going forward?

We look forward to hearing your comments.

Thanks again,

Robert, Monica and Carter 

P.S We are still working toward a Carbon Neutral Hermosa Beach – even in the face of a proposed oil drilling project in the city.  Please contact us if you are interested in being involved!

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