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Congresswoman Jane Harman’s Newsletter
by Robert Fortunato on April 21st, 2010 One Comment

Congresswoman Jane Harman and her dedicated staff have been very supportive of our project and we are grateful. The Congresswoman kindly mentions our project in the hearing on the Homestar legislation to fund energy efficient home retrofits and also in her newsletter.

Ms. {Harman.} Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

This committee is not new to the issue of energy efficiency in homes and nor is my own district. Mr. Upton and I collaborated pretty successfully I think on lighting efficiency standards which are now part of Federal law and we are continuing to collaborate successfully I think on outdoor lighting standards which we will introduce as a stand-alone bill soon and which we hope will be part of the energy package that we pass some time later this Congress if we pass an energy package.

In my own district, I just want to call attention to a family in Hermosa Beach, the Fortunatos, who are creating what they call a net-zero house. That means the house will produce as much energy as it uses. It is a revolution. It is not off the grid. It is the grid and Southern California Edison will move shortly to install smart grids which are also getting Stimulus Bill funding in Hermosa Beach so that other families can do the same thing.

In Manhattan Beach, there is a company called Windstream which produces small, rooftop wind turbines. Windstream and a lighting company Ledtronics are partnering with the Fortunatos to make their house energy neutral. There is also a communications company in El Segundo which has put solar panels over its parking lots and they now produce 20 percent of the energy that company, a large communications company, uses.

I have had solar panels on my rooftop in Venice, California for 9 years and they generate the energy I need for hot water so there are lots of good local projects. There is a huge history here of bipartisanship and these proposals we will hear about today will build on the strong record we have in the committee and I am very pleased to be here and to welcome our witnesses.

I yield back.

Jane Harman’s Newsletter Excerpt
Nothing embodies that kind of constructive collaboration better than the efforts of the Fortunato family in Hermosa. They’re remodeling their home to be a “net-zero” dwelling – meaning it will produce as much energy as it consumes. Design assistance is coming from experts at Southern California Edison with additional support from local businesses like LEDtronics and Windstream—which make energy efficient light bulbs and urban wind turbines. When I visited their home, they told me they are documenting the entire project online so other homeowners can learn from their experience.

It’s this kind of enterprising spirit that will give us a “green leg up” in the new economy. And it’s a characteristic that makes me proud to represent the 36th District.

Jane Harman at the Green Idea House



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