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GIH Small Wind Turbines Supported by Hermosa Beach City Council
by Robert Fortunato on February 9th, 2011 One Comment

Last night the Hermosa Beach City Council voted to support a reduction of the conditional use permit fee so the Green Idea House could test the viability of residential rooftop wind generation systems and report back to the city.

Obviously, we do not have the “Saudi Arabia of wind” like western Minnesota, but there still are prevailing trade winds that kick up in the evenings.  We are partnering with Windstream, a Manhattan Beach Company that is producing a small vertical axis unit that is targeted to sell in the hundreds not thousands of dollars.  The hope is that the lower cost could translate into a decent return on investment. We look forward to finding out!

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One Response to “GIH Small Wind Turbines Supported by Hermosa Beach City Council”

  1. gino says:

    wow, that’s cool. With the wind in the bay area today, we would have generated a lot of juice!

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