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GIH Featured in Merlex Blog Spot
by Robert Fortunato on November 16th, 2011 No Comments

GIH Featured in Merlex Blog Spot

We are fortunate to have many bright, talented people supporting our project.  Interestingly, they tend to know one another.  Wes Harding from Harding Construction recently, introduced us to Nick Brown, the President of Merlex Stucco.

Nick came for a tour, instantly got the project and wanted to support it with their 33% recycled content Sustainable stucco and Vero lime plaster.  Both are very ecologically advanced exterior finishes.  Cement is durable, but rarely gets recycled back into its original form.  And because lime finishes are fired at much lower temperatures, they have less of an environmental impact than traditional stucco.  Lime finishes are also less susceptible to cracking, a durability problem with most other smooth troweled finishes.

Even more impressive was Nick’s write up after his visit to our construction site:

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