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by Robert Fortunato on May 10th, 2010 No Comments

It has been a long road. We have not made it easy for them. None of us have. Because they were first, because they stepped up, and all reasonable evidence to the contrary, said we should do it. Because Robert and Monica pushed us to do more than we wanted. Because in their polite, yet insistent way, they forced us to move farther, faster than we were ready. Because Robert and Monica brought together their family, their community, their government partners, and private corporations like SCE. Because it was not just for themselves, but forCalifornia, and the world.

Robert and Monica persisted.

And Robert and Monica prevailed.


Jonathan Budner

Manager, Whole Building & Sustainability

Customer Energy Efficiency and Solar Programs

Southern California Edison


Robert, thank you for a phenomenal presentation to the mid-management team in Manhattan Beach. Highlighting the economic case for sustainability was eye-opening to the group, and learning about all the innovative features of the Green Idea House was inspiring! Hands down, this diverse group of employees from the Building, Finance, Recreation, Public Works, Engineering, and Fire departments, left the session with some valuable lessons that will improve our work with the community.

Sona Kalapura
Environmental Programs Manager, City of Manhattan Beach


Congratulations to the Fortunato’s. Myself and my family and the Hermosa Beach Community are very proud of your family.

You have blazed the trail for the community and the state. I know that your example will be followed by many more home builders and developers.

I am very happy for your success.

Best wishes in your new home.

Michael Keegan
Former Council Member and Mayor of Hermosa Beach and your friend!


The Fortunatos have moved into the “Green Idea House” and it is beyond all of our expectations!  I have never seen anything like what they have done with their place, and you need to see it, too, especially as you do your research for your house!

They just won the “L.A.County2012Green Leadership Award” in the Residential category, and there are several articles posted on their website

But you need to come down, take the private tour with Robert & Monica, and take notes! Let me know how your schedule is and I’ll help you set it up. I guarantee that you will be thanking me for this, my friend and hero!

Note from Long Term Environmental Activist Dency Nelson to his friend Ed Begley Jr. on the eve of building his new sustainable home.


“Just as our community has come together to support the aerospace industrial base, we must work together to make this green dream a reality.  Nothing embodies that kind of constructive collaboration better than the efforts of the Fortunato family in Hermosa… It’s this kind of enterprising spirit that will give us a “green leg up” in the new economy.”

Congresswoman Jane Harman

“As the Mayor of Hermosa Beach, I am proud that this type of progress — and environmental leadership — is taking place in our community!   One thing is clear after Copenhagen — it’s up to local and state governments, and the communities they represent, to lead the way at encouraging innovation in green technology, sustainable development and responsible energy consumption.  As an early adopter of the Cool Cities initiative, this is exactly the type of project we were looking to foster when we committed to surpassing its 2020 environmental benchmarks.”
Michael DiVirgilio, Mayor
City of Hermosa Beach

“As a “Cool City” Hermosa Beach is committed to sustainability and curbing
global warming.  Every person and project represents a potential partner in
creating a livable city. Putting a public face on a remodel project empowers
others to think about steps they can take.”

Pamela Townsend, Senior Planner

City of Hermosa Beach

“Southern California Edison is involved with the Fortunato’s project to help further explore new energy conservation opportunities. SCE and its’ engineers are excited to see the results of this net zero home.”

The Building Doctors involvement with the Fortunato Net Zero Project is quite simple. It is the perfect example of how future homes can work more efficiently, have little to no drain on the current power grid and less strain on the environment. It is the best future for California and we are proud to be part of it.”

“As America’s largest solar manufacturer, SolarWorld is proud to be involved with innovative carbon-neutral projects like the Green Idea House.”

“The Green Idea House will be a model for all homeowners who would like to make their homes more energy efficient, and National Gypsum is proud to contribute to it.”

“Whole Foods Market supports the work of Green Idea House because it is in line with our Core Value of practicing and promoting sensible and efficient environmental practices.”

“SIC is involved with this project to establish and analyze data points to promote progress in affordable green design, energy efficiency, and sustainability.”

“LEDtronics looks forward to working with the Fortunato family in their efforts to promote Eco-friendly, Green technology LED lighting products for the home.”

“I am excited to be a part of the team working on this practical build-out using current affordable technologies which can become mainstream. This particular project will forward the use of materials and technologies ready for use in all of today’s homes – whether for a small remodel or new construction.”

Kim Moore, LEED AP

3V Signs & Graphics is proud to support the Green Idea House!  Their efforts to renovate a residence and strive toward a “0 carbon footprint” is a commendable endeavor.  To contribute to their efforts we supplied their banner made of recyclable materials.  As a result of our interaction with Robert Fortunato and his family we have expanded our efforts to go green by adding the use of biodegradable banner material and foam board to our mix of product offerings.

Pat and Stephanie Dacy

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