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GIH: First Net Zero Energy, Zero Combustion House in SoCal
by Robert Fortunato on November 1st, 2012 No Comments

The Green Idea House is one family’s project to affordably retrofit their house into a net zero energy, zero carbon case study. The building has surpassed all our net zero energy, zero carbon goals, is a joy to be in and won the 2012 Green Leadership Award for Los Angeles County, 2012 Environmental Leadership SEED Award is a case study for Energy Upgrade California and Build it Green’s Green Point Rating. It is also the cornerstone case study for Southern California Edison’s Net Zero Energy Initiative that makes possible the CPUC’s guideline that all new residential buildings be net zero energy by 2020.  We also just found out we won the Build It Green, Green Point Rated Award in the Custom Builder Category

The Green Idea House also kept over 97% of construction waste out of the landfill and was also extremely responsive to issues of materials use, water and toxicity.


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