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A Passive – Aggressive Move II
by Robert Fortunato on April 29th, 2010 2 Comments

Passive Heating & Cooling via Proper Eave Depth

This is the first massing model we created of our house. We built it with a free program called Sketchup. we started designing the project with a massing model we created in Sketchup, a free drawing program from google that does solar studies. The model is oriented to the correct compass setting and demonstrates the power of good passive solar design.

From it we can see that a 5’ overhang with our orientation acts like an umbrella in the summer, when the sun rides high in the sky (top row) and lets the passive heat in during winter when the sun rides lower (bottom row).

Passive Heating and Cooling

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2 Responses to “A Passive – Aggressive Move II”

  1. Marcela Oliva says:

    Great concept, I use your site as example in my environmental class!

    In addition, the labyrinth is a great experiential healing system.

    Have you seen the math of the millennium sphere in NY.?


    • Robert says:


      We are honored that you are using this with your students and are glad it is useful.

      Would love to learn more about the sphere. Do you have a link for it? I couldn’t find it through a google search.


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