Energy Upgrade CA
by Robert Fortunato on April 26th, 2010 One Comment

On February 1, Energy Champions, Leadership Hermosa Beach and USGBC-LA, joined forces to bring together the co-hosted Upgrade In Action event  for the Green Idea House. These two Energy Champions were a part of the planning of this successful event reaching over 200 people. During the event community members toured the Green Idea House, spoke with Participating Contractors, entered to win an energy assessment voucher and learned how their upgrades can help both Leadership Hermosa and USGBC-LA earn fundraising dollars

Energy Upgrade California in Los Angeles County is an incentive program for homeowners to improve their homes’ energy efficiency,lower utility bills, and create a healthier and more comfortable home through a home energy upgrade. This program connects homeowners with local Participating Contractors who can complete their home energy upgrade and help them apply for rebates. LA County homeowners can now receive up to $8,000 back in rebates  for home energy upgrades, such as basic weatherization, insulation, improvements to their windows, and heating and air conditioning systems.

Leadership Hermosa Beach and USGBC-LA are part of the Energy Champions program created by Los Angeles County which helps community-based organizations raise money by  championing “the cause of saving energy” when completing a home energy upgrade the Energy Upgrade California.

Energy Upgrade CA:


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