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The Reuse People – Youth Build Connection Yields $1,000 Donation and a Commitment to the Community
by Robert Fortunato on May 11th, 2011 No Comments

Arthur Renauld, Regional Manager for The Reuse People visited the Green Idea House a couple of months ago and saw the Youthbuild crew hard at work.  Arthur was so impressed that he connected them with the ReUse Haus project for AltBuild.  As a result our friend Wes Harding hired Youthbuild workers to assemble the house.  Arthur also managed to get the proceeds from the sale of the ReUse Haus donated to Youthbuild, a 501 c3.

Arthur is the kind of unique individual who not only gets our project and is happy to support it, but understands how to leverage the connections to everyone’s benefit.  Thank you Arthur and The Reuse People.

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