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Shocking News for Edison Engineers, Architects and Planners Touring the GIH Yesterday – It Works and We Don’t Have to Wait until 2020!
by Robert Fortunato on July 10th, 2012 No Comments

A great group from one of our key partners, Southern California Edison, came to tour the house yesterday.  These are the thoughtful people at SCE who are working on getting us all to two key energy efficiency goals:

  • The PUC guideline that all new construction is net zero energy by 2020
  • California Long Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan that 100% of existing homes would achieve 40% energy-use reductions by 2020

When we asked what they wanted out of the tour, one of their first questions was “Is it possible to affordably get to these net zero energy goals by 2020?”  We responded, “No one can say it is not possible to hit those goals because on July 9th, 2012 you visited the house that did it – and not only is the house net zero energy in operation, but zero carbon as well!”  With that we showed them ourEdison bills that proved it.

It was great being with them because they really wanted to know the details.  And we spent the next two hours doing exactly that.

Southern California Edison Engineers, Architects and Planners Tour the GIH

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