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Revolutionary Drywall
by Robert Fortunato on January 20th, 2012 No Comments

In addition to allowing us to be a case study for their ThermalCore product (which should cut our heating and cooling needs significantly), National Gypsum did something simple, yet revolutionary this week.

Hanging drywall inevitably leads to a giant pile of scrap drywall.  Normally that scrap goes into the landfill where it could produce hydrogen sulfide gas when breaking down.  Incineration of that material may produce toxic sulfur dioxide gas.

A better solution is to reuse it – and that is exactly what National Gypsum did with our scrap.  We rented a truck, loaded all the scrap drywall (there was a ton of it) and it is now at the National Gypsum plant in Long Beach, CA being recycled into new drywall!

Many thanks to Lote Kinney and Steve Rogers at National Gypsum who made this possible.

Some of the scrap drywall on the scaffolding ready to transport for recycling

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