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One Man’s Trash… Teaching Our Son about Win-Win Situations
by Robert Fortunato on April 21st, 2011 No Comments

A grandmotherly woman named Grace contacted us about the free clean sandy soil we advertized in the local press.  She came with her contractor and a pickup truck and took four giant loads of dirt off our hands.

Her city was making her take out some concrete and replace it with soil she would otherwise have to buy.  She was overjoyed to get the soil for free.  We were overjoyed that they came and took it away for free.

Also, Several neighbors have stopped by to harvest lumber from our scrap lumber pile.  One man was building furniture; another had a place in Mohave and was using it to replace a cord of fire wood.  A third neighbor was building planter beds for his vegetable garden.

Lastly, we have been impressed with the efficiency with which scrap metal leaves the site.  Because there is a strong market for scrap metal, there is someone coming by almost every day to make sure it is all finding its way back into new metal.

I am sure we will get to the point where we need a dumpster; but for now it is a great lesson for Carter to see how win-win situations are good for us, good for others and good for the environment.

Our scrap metal guy pays us a visit

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