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On CNBC and Speaking at the Emerging Technology Summit Today!
by Robert Fortunato on October 16th, 2012 One Comment

Robert was interviewed by CNBC for a green energy/solar story with Jane Wells that is scheduled to be on throughout the day – with airings at 8:45am Pacific Time, again in possibly Power Lunch (10am PT hour), Closing Bell (12 or 1pm PT hours), Kudlow Report (4pm PT hour), and during our energy special in 5pm PT hour. The story should be posted online at on the energy or green news section or under reporter Jane Wells video gallery on

Robert will also be speaking at the Emerging Technologies Summit to talk about designing and building what may be the first affordable net zero energy/ zero carbon home in Southern California.  He will also address how the house is performing now (spectacularly!).

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  1. Gino says:

    I haven’t found the video, but you are quoted in this story:

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