Merlex Stucco
by Robert Fortunato on April 24th, 2010 No Comments

Merlex Stucco is continually improving its product line of natural stucco products to add products offering (1) energy efficiency; (2) recycled content; (3) local sourcing; and (4) reduced embodied energy.  Products to be included on the Green Idea House include 33% Recycled Stucco (based on recycled concrete aggregate), and Vero Antiqua lime plaster (from Merlex’s Vero Venetian plaster subsidiary), which has 28% lower embodied energy than cement stucco and incorporates 65% recycled marble aggregate.  Merlex & Vero are pleased to support the Fortunatos, who are kindred spirits in their quest to find the most sustainable choices in products that fit their lifestyle.

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