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Influencing Policy, Codes and Incentives
by Robert Fortunato on June 18th, 2012 No Comments

At the prompting of Pam Townsend, Senior Planner for our City, last week we hosted a meeting with city officials and residents who are experts in green building.  The focus of the meeting was to start to capture what we are learning and see how planning policy, codes and incentives could be designed to help others build with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind.

Given what we have seen in the process, we would like to see more performance based measures.  Green labels area a good start; but there is a general lack of results based measurement in the building process that would be helpful from a consumer advocacy standpoint, if nothing else.  Wouldn’t it be great if you had the equivalent of an MPG sticker on your house or apartment when you were thinking of buying or leasing?

Monica explaining the materials and energy efficient features of the GIHDiscussing policy, codes and incentives with building officials and experts

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