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Green Moving Alternatives Makes Moving Day Easier
by Robert Fortunato on February 2nd, 2011 One Comment

Moving is never easy and usually not green (e.g. cardboard boxes, diesel trucks…).  Thankfully we found some very good local companies with affordable products and services that are environmentally friendly – and made the process easier.

Rent a Green Box reinvented how we loaded up our stuff with recycled and recyclable boxes and packing materials. Todd and Brian dropped off 50 really sturdy boxes that made it easy to pack and keep our stuff protected.

Go Green moving reinvented how we moved your stuff with highly efficient biofuel trucks and recycled packing materials.  George, Lester and Nick are good guys and super service oriented.  They made moving day much more pleasant.

Now that we sit in our temporary quarters looking at all our boxes.  The exercise of having to move all our junk makes it clear that we have too much of it – even after garage sales and multiple drops to goodwill!  We aspire to move less stuff back into our new house so we can unclutter our lives a bit.

Todd and Brian from Rent a green box

Lester, George and Nick from Go Green Moving

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  1. Diane Wallace says:

    My daughter found this company as well. The boxes were delivered and were so clean! She packed and the movers delivered the boxes to her new house. And the company came to her new house and picked the boxes up after she unpacked. Very green and cool!

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