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Construction Start Date
by Robert Fortunato on February 27th, 2010 No Comments

Many of you have asked (and we keep asking ourselves) when we are starting construction. The answer is as soon as possible – and not a minute sooner!

On this rainy Saturday morning in LA, we are reminded that this year’s El Nino is threatening to be one of the worst in recent history. You can see in the charts that the precipitation is expected to be heaviest from March through May (our environmentalist friends Joe and Dency would have something to say about climate change here!) Nonetheless, we are reluctant to take the roof off to have torrential rains pour in.

That additional time has given us the opportunity to do some public service and work with our city and schools to help them to create plans to become carbon neutral (see our previous note).

In addition, a massive amount of work is just being finished by our mechanical engineering firm, P2S Engineering. As a labor of love, they are making sure everything will actually work and it meets our requirements. From there, Kelly will be finishing the plans and submitting them to the city.

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