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Boardom on Labor Day Weekend
by Robert Fortunato on September 5th, 2011 No Comments

This weekend we took the redwood ship lap we got on our journey to The Reuse People Store and started the install.  Monica and Carter fit the pieces on the roof like a puzzle and what we found was incredible.  We thought it would look nice – what we didn’t expect was how the fade marks, chinks and nail holes all came together to make the most interesting pattern.  A pattern that would have been impossible to design.

We were originally thinking of sand blasting the wood, but now we hope we can leave it just the way it is.  Sometimes the imperfect and used can be more beautiful…   That makes the case for reuse even more compelling.

Monica and Carter laying in the redwood roofing

Beaming smiles

Completed section. Notice patterns from previous installation of boards on a post and beam house.

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