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Knowing when Browner is Greener keeps Arsenic and Chromium out of Your Home and Garden
by Robert Fortunato on May 1st, 2011 No Comments

We hired a contractor to replace the rotted mudsills and rim joists (see Foundational Problems).  The contractor normally uses green (in color) pressure treated lumber for that application.  Unfortunately, the green stuff contains arsenic and chromium that gets airborne when cut or drilled and can also leach into your soil over time.  We have even seen it used in planning beds for vegetables!

Long and short of it is that green pressure treated lumber is dangerous for the people working on the site and it is dangerous for anyone living with the material.  Fortunately, there is an easily available alternative that is brown in color that is far less toxic.

When it comes to pressure treated lumber, browner is greener.

Label on Brown Treated Lumber

Mudsills and rimjoists replaced with brown pressure treated lumber

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