Southern California Edison
by Robert Fortunato on April 30th, 2010 One Comment

Southern California Edison is an investor owned electric utility that serves almost 5 million customers in a 50,000 square mile area in Southern California. SCE’s parent company dates back to 1886. SCE is very concerned with the environment and finding solutions through new technologies to help further reduce carbon and greenhouse gases. SCE also works to enhance programs and technologies that promote energy efficiency. SCE currently is rebuilding portions of its’ infrastructure with the announcement of a $20 Billion 5 year program. SCE is currently installing smart electric meters in the South Bay. Smart meters will allow customers to enjoy new technologies and electric pricing opportunities as they become available.

SCE is involved with the Fortunato project to help further explore new energy conservation opportunities. SCE and its’ engineers are excited to see the results of this net zero home.

The Green Idea House is currently operating on the Time Of Use EV (TOUEV) program that lets us charge our all electric car at night for 10 cents/kwh!


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