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Solar Power Show
by Robert Fortunato on November 2nd, 2009 No Comments

Green Idea House attends the Solar Power International Show – America’s Largest Solar Event, Oct 27-29, Anaheim, California

WOW! It was a sea of vendors (about 750) from all over the world in the exhibition hall. Competition is good…

At the show we were evaluating both thermal (hot water) and photovoltaic (electric) solar panels.

With so many choices, we are trying to use four main criteria when looking for partners in our project:
1. Are they willing to join our community and partner with us in making sure the engineering works, is affordable, durable and a good value over time?
2. Do they have a local presence that helps our economy as well as our ecology?
3. Can they help us tell the story by having their own environmental policies?
4. Can they help us tell the story of the Green Idea House case study?



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