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It’s Working! 87% Reduction in Total Energy Use and 85 kwh Extra Generated Per Month
by Robert Fortunato on May 27th, 2012 4 Comments

Our total energy use in our old house since 2005 (including the conversion for natural gas usage) averaged 1,561 kwh/month.  We are currently averaging about 200 kwh/month in total energy.  The reduction in the total energy load is 87% (vs previous house) while adding 800sq.ft!

In addition, we are generating, on average, 85 kwh more than we use on monthly basis, so we are already achieving our Net Zero Energy, Zero Carbon goals!

Actual SCE Electric Bill For Green Idea House (Note: No gas bill in this carbon neutral house)


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4 Responses to “It’s Working! 87% Reduction in Total Energy Use and 85 kwh Extra Generated Per Month”

  1. Michael Keegan says:

    Congratulation to the Fortunato’s. Myself and my family and the Hermosa Beach Community are very proud of your family.

    You have blazed the trail for the community and the state. I know that your example will be followed by many more home builders and developers.

    I am very happy for your success.

    Best wishes in your new home.

    Michael Keegan
    Former Council Member and Mayor of Hermosa Beach and your friend!

  2. Robert says:


    Thank you for the very kind words. This was only possible because of the good work of people like you who, as Council Member and Mayor, fought so diligently for environmental and economic reforms for the betterment of our community.

    Thank you again,

    Robert & Monica

  3. Bob B says:

    What exciting news for you! Did the meter reading company ever come out thinking something might have been broke?

    As a company, we strive and encourage our customers to go as green as possible when building a home. It is worth it – as you have shown even today. Smart choices add up!

    • Robert says:

      Great question Bob, After we got the solar array fully connected, we did not get a bill for 5 months! They had to hand tabulate the bill until they got the systems up to speed. You can see in the bill that January of last year is missing. That is because PUC rules don’t allow customers to be charged if they don’t get a bill in a certain amount of time.

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