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CELOTEX® PREMIUM INSULATING SHEATHING, as manufactured by BLUE RIDGE FIBERBOARD ( is a key component of a superior exterior building envelope design.  An R-value of 1.3 per ½” provides superior insulating qualities in comparison to standard O.S.B. and plywood sheathing, thus providing an excellent thermal break. The indoor air quality is also improved by three different means when applying PREMIUM INSULATING SHEATHING:  1) a high perm rating in excess of 20 allows the walls to breath greatly reducing the chances of sick building syndrome;  2) Bonding agents consist of vegetable starch, thus eliminating the formaldehyde laden resins found in OSB and plywood; 3) Proprietary black moisture resistant coating is composed of clay and carbon in lieu of the asphaltic coatings provided by other fiberboard manufacturers.  Additionally, PREMIUM INSULATING SHEATHING also possesses many of the same sound absorbing qualities of its sister product, SOUNDSTOP® (, providing a barrier from outside noise by reducing sound vibration transfer through the exterior wall studs.


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